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Author Visits 101 — Cedar Falls, Iowa

My first-ever trip to Iowa couldn’t have gone better. The weather was perfect. The people were nice. The students were fun . . . and a bit crazy . . . and super respectful. And every teacher I met was the real deal. My first stop was Holmes Junior High. During the morning creative

Fall Updates — Two New Books Coming — The Living in Paperback — Events Schedule –NPR

I’m just coming out of a deadline-driven summer (with a good bit of baby time mixed in), and I’m excited to finally make a few announcements . . . Books: First of all, I finished the final draft of the sequel to The Living. It’s called The Hunted, and it closes out Shy’s story.

Author Visits 101

Sometimes interesting things happen at schools. And I want to start sharing them. Take yesterday . . . Yesterday, at a rough junior high in Newark, NJ I signed about 100 books for students (donated by My Very Own Library). One girl (frizzy braids, soiled jeans, messed up teeth like mine) took her copy

Update on Seth From St. Helens Middle School + Forty Straight Days on the Road + Les Vivants + Tucson Festival of Books + A Love Story Set in Brooklyn

It’s hard to meet writing deadlines. It’s even harder to meet them when you’re on the road, flying from one city to another for nearly forty straight days (Honolulu was one of the cities so don’t feel too bad for me). Luckily I love the projects I’ve been working on. And I loved all

Pura Belpre Honor + Best Fiction for Young Adults + Upcoming Texas Events

It was such an amazing honor to be recognized by the Pura Belpre committee at this year’s ALA awards ceremony. One of the consistent themes running through all my work over the years (I’ve now been publishing books for almost a decade — I’m so old!) is the “mixed-race” experience. A lot of folks


I’m drowning under deadlines until the end of February. Deadlines are stressful. But I’m excited about what’s coming out. I did want to peek my head out for a sec to say how excited I am to be a part of Stephanie Perkins’ upcoming anthology about love during the holidays. It’s called My True

Odds and Ends

One last update for 2013: – Very sad to hear of Ned Vizzini’s passing. Feel bad for everyone: Ned, his wife, his new baby, his parents and friends, and his fans. I only met the guy a few times, but he was funny as hell and I could tell right away he was crazy

NPR Weekend Edition Interview with Scott Simon + NCTE + Two More Starred Reviews + Gratitude

When I heard I was going to be interviewed on NPR’s Weekend Edition I immediately started sweating. And unconsciously gritting my teeth. National radio? Me? What if I sounded like an idiot or stumbled over my words or accidentally referred to Scott Simon as “Bob” Simon? What if I dropped a series of accidental

Kirkus Interview + Why I Wrote an Action-Driven Disaster Novel (via Nerdy Book Club) + NCTE Schedule + It’s Still Football Season

The Living is out in the world now, and I’m truly humbled by all the folks who have agreed to help spread the word. Here’s an interview I did with Kirkus, written by Jessie Grearson (an excellent writer out of the Iowa Writers Workshop). I was also lucky enough to do a guest post

Entertainment Weekly

I’ve never had a book reviewed in Entertainment Weekly . . . until now. Here’s a link to the online version. There’s been some chatter online about the review (specifically the use of the word “worthy” in conjunction with John Green), which I sort of understand to a point. But it’s pretty great that