New Novel, New Website, New Top Right Molar

As many of you know, I have a new novel coming out this November, THE LIVING. (You can read more about it here and here.)

one arm w wave and birds

And I’m really excited about it. The main character is Shy. I mean, that’s his name. Shy Espinoza. I’ve been hanging out with Shy for a couple years now, and we’ve become pretty tight. He’s the one who told me it was time to update my website. So I went to this guy named Glenn at Mule Train, Inc. on a tip from a publisher, and he hooked up this site. (You can check out other examples of his work here.)

(Quick fact: My sister, Emily Avila, is the one who designed the header. She’s super talented. The photo was taken in Santa Cruz.)

I still have a few things to update, obviously, but I hope the site will ultimately be easy for readers to navigate.

I considered posting a picture of my new molar, too, but I decided against it at the last second. Sorry.

Thanks for checking out my new site!