Last Stop Comes to Life Again — in Atlanta

Knowing that a book I’ve written is being read by real people — real young people — is both thrilling and humbling. But twice now I’ve had the experience of making Last Stop on Market Street  come alive. The first time was in Kansas City, where a few super creative public librarians came up with the brilliant idea of having me read the book on the bus to a group of students, while the book came alive around them. You can watch that video here. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life, watching the kids realize that something extraordinary was happening right in front of them.

And now, the amazing folks at Page Turners Make Great Learners has done something similar with students in Atlanta. You can watch it here. Writing is such a solitary act. So I always feel so lucky when I get to hang out with folks in their community. Thank you Page Turners!