We Need Diverse Books Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

I’m kind of awkward on camera. At least on the inside. (I was in a play once in college — I wrote it and the main actor bailed at the last minute and I was the only other person who knew the lines — and the whole time I was on stage I kept thinking: “Never again, never again, never again, never again, never again, never again, never again, never again.”) So when I showed up at Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles last week, to help out with The We Need Diverse Indiegogo Video, I was pretty much scared to death. But the film crew was great. And the directors were incredibly patient (I can’t say enough good things about Undercurrent Media). And after 873 takes . . . I think it turned out pretty darn okay.

View the video here.

Yep, that’s John Green in there, too. And Jacqueline Woodson. And Grace Lin. And Tim Federle. And Marie Lu. And Lamar Giles. And Arthur Levine. Everyone really showed out in support of this important grassroots campaign. I would like to ask you all to check out the video and consider donating to the We Need Diverse Books movement. If you’re a big baller and have some a chunk of money to spare, there’s this cool private dinner in Brooklyn with myself and Jackie Woodson where I can PROMISE an awesome time. You get to invite a few other people. And there will be tequila. Or wine if that’s more your style. Unless you’re in middle school, in which case either option would be illegal. Anyway. Thank you so much for checking out the video and considering our movement!

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