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Barcelona and Paris and the Beautiful Beaches

I’m back in the Brooklyn Writers Space today, eating a four-day old Parisian almond croissant. It tastes goddamn amazing. I bet it’d be even better in a week. Did you know Paris baked goods age like wine? It’s true! Okay, maybe that’s nostalgia talking. The point is, I just got back from a seven

Highs and Lows of Spring 2013

The summer is almost over, and I’m about to take a full on writing vacation. I’m not typing a damn word of fiction for an entire week. Seriously. . . . Okay I might take a couple notes about my upcoming revision of The Hunted (which is the sequel to The Living). Oh, and

SCBWI Summer Conference in Los Angeles

Fifteen hundred writers and illustrators gather in LA every year to talk kids books and publishing and process. That’s a lot of people. I attended SCBWI LA on the slick a few years ago — when I helped my editor (for about fifteen minutes) present on voice — but this year I was invited

Hangin’ With Young Writers in Chapel Hill

It wasn’t easy to get to North Carolina. I spent all of Monday at JFK. My first flight was cancelled and I never made it onto my severely delayed second flight (even though I was the first name on the standby list and Delta agents assured me I’d get a seat) (yep, still bitter).

New Novel, New Website, New Top Right Molar

As many of you know, I have a new novel coming out this November, THE LIVING. (You can read more about it here and here.) And I’m really excited about it. The main character is Shy. I mean, that’s his name. Shy Espinoza. I’ve been hanging out with Shy for a couple years now,